Company: 2016/2017

Photography: Mitko Mitev, 2016











Bethany Ayers-Hale

Favorite WAB ballets:

Opus Blanc et Bleu, Incantation (Matthew Averill);

Waltz of the Snowflakes, Spanish Suite from Don Quixote (Megan Skinner)

Erin Carlisle

Favorite WAB Ballets:

Waltz of the Flowers, ‘Vision Scene’ from Don Quixote (Matthew Averill)

Brooke Crawford

Caitlin Deely

This Caitlin’s first year with Willamette Apprentice Ballet; photo courtesy of Andi Deely

Finn Garrison

Rebecca Jones

Favorite WAB ballets:

Opus Blanc et Bleu (Matthew Averill);

Sylvia Suite (Megan Skinner)

Cora Kim

Favorite WAB ballets:

Belle Epoch (Megan Skinner);  

Waltz of the Flowers, Opus Blanc et Bleu  (Matthew Averill)

Maddie Koegler

Denise Leon

Reilly Mincinski

Sana Tepley: Graduating Senior

Favorite WAB ballets:

Belle Epoch (Megan Skinner);

Opus Blanc et Bleu, Incantation (Matthew Averill);

Lily’s Theme (Sana Tepley)

Lillian Wu

This is Lillian’s first year with Willamette Apprentice Ballet; she danced in Opus Blanc et Bleu in Spring 2016 as a Trainee

Caroline Hintzman: Trainee

Camilla Robertson: Trainee

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